“I am enthralled by this book”

“Okay, little known fact about me: I love miniatures. Ships in a bottle, dollhouses, to-scale movie sets … you name it, I love it.

I think you probably want that little disclaimer before I introduce you to this week’s book: Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue, written by Molly Coxe and photographed by Olivier Toppin. I am enthralled by this book. I think it’s brilliant, I love its attention to detail, I adore its protagonists … and of course I am enamored of the illustrations.

“Because the illustrations are photographs. Of miniatures. Oh, be still my heart.

“All in all, Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue is a very charming and engaging book. It tells the story of Benjamin Middlemouse and his elephant pal Bumper who embark on a daring adventure to find Benjamin’s mother when she goes missing. After searching high and low, they must work together to rescue her from the evil Sir Pouncealot. And there’s just something about it, something whimsical and clever and fun and beautiful, that I cannot get enough of.

“. . . Also, and I admit that I got this idea from a librarian, but it really lends itself well to make-believe and puppet play. Finger puppet mice, anyone? Last but not least, I appreciate the values that Benjamin and Bumper demonstrate throughout the story. They prize community and show friendship, courage, persistence, and creativity, all of which are values I love seeing cast in a positive light.” – Sarah Schlothan Christensen, BecomingSarah.com blog