Bravemouse books

Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue

Unlikely friends team up for high adventure Tiny Benjamin Middlemouse lives with his mother in a cozy wooden wardrobe in a little boy’s bedroom in a large old house. Mrs. Middlemouse is late coming home one day. Where could she be? Benjamin asks his friend, a big, brave elephant named Bumper, to help find her. She is nowhere to be found!  Finally, in the garden, the two friends …….. More………… Now available at bookstores everywhere BraveMouse Books are distributed to the trade by Independent Publishers Group (phone: 800-888-4741 or email: )

Posie and the Pirates

A brave mouse takes on six sinister sea rats! One morning Posie Pantrymouse wakes up to find that she has four brand new baby brothers and sisters. Her mother is too tired to make waffles for breakfast. Even worse, her father is too busy changing mice diapers to take her sailing. Her best friends Benjamin and Bumper have gone berry picking without her. Blinking back tears, Posie runs down the path to the pond at the end of the garden and sets sail alone. “When I have the sun, and the wind, and the sea, I don’t need anyone but me!” Posie sings to herself. Then she spies a mysterious ship tacking in her direction. In the adventure that follows, some totally unexpected (and scary!) things happen to Posie. She learns about the devious ways of swamp rats, the usefulness of knots, and the ties of love that bind her family together.