meet the characters

Do you want to know more about the characters in Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue ?  Please send your question to . Here are a few questions from our readers answered by the author, Molly Coxe.

Benjamin Middlemouse

Q: How did Benjamin make his slingshot?

A: Benjamin found a sturdy stick shaped like the letter “Y” and tied a rubber band between the two branches of the “Y”. He practices his aim by shooting at a target he drew in the shape of a cat.

Q: Was Benjamin born inside the cupboard?

A: Benjamin was born in the library of an old house where a human family also lived. His mother and father nibbled out a spacious apartment inside an unabridged dictionary before Benjamin was born. When Mr. Middlemouse disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Mrs. Middlemouse feared for the safety of her young son and moved into the cupboard in the bedroom of the youngest child in the family, a kind boy named Tom.

Q: Do the humans know that Mrs. Middlemouse and Benjamin live in the cupboard in Tom’s room?

A: We don’t think so, but there’s no way to know for sure without asking. We promised the Middlemouse family not to reveal their whereabouts to any humans (or cats!)

Q: Where did Benjamin get all of his search-and-rescue supplies?

A: Benjamin collects things that he thinks might be useful on adventures. He finds them in Tom’s bedroom and elsewhere in the house, where he is only allowed to go when Bumper is with him. He keeps his collection in a suitcase under Tom’s bed.


Q: How old is Bumper the elephant?

A: Bumper is not sure of his exact age because he was kidnapped when he was just a baby and spent many years as a performer in a traveling circus. When he left the circus, he had many other adventures before he came to live in Tom’s bedroom. How old do you think he might be?

Q: Does the little boy in the bedroom ever play with Bumper?

A: Yes. The little boy, Tom, loves Bumper very much.

Q: Is Bumper an African elephant or an Asian elephant?

A: Asian. Bumper was born in India. His mother named him “Bheema” which means huge and gigantic in Hindi.

Q: How did Bumper get the name Bumper?

A: When Tom brought Bumper home, Bumper had a large bump on his head from a fall he took when an owl dropped him.

Q: Are Bumper and Benjamin going to have more adventures?

A: Yes. Lots!

Sir Pouncelot

Q: Has Sir Pouncelot always lived in the tower with the flag?

A: No. Augustus Mouserson Pouncelot was born in a grand castle, the only son of the Fifth Lord Pouncelot and his wife, Lady Pouncelot. When Sir Pouncelot was a young cat, his parents died. A pack of terriers laid siege to the castle, and young Pouncelot fled with a few possessions tied up in a dirty sheet. He set up housekeeping at the top of an abandoned tower, which is where we first meet him.

Q: Does Sir Pouncelot keep his promise not to eat mice and moles?

A: So far, Sir Pouncelot has kept his promise.

Q: Do the mice and moles get tired of cooking meals for Sir Pouncelot?

A: At last count, there were sixty-four mice living in the house, and sixteen moles living in burrows in the garden. They all take turns preparing meals for Sir Pouncelot. Many of the mice and moles enjoy trying out new recipes on Sir Pouncelot, who is a finicky eater.

Q: Why does Sir Pouncelot carry a sword since he has teeth and claws?

A: He thinks it makes him look dangerous and dashing.

Mrs. Middlemouse

Q: Does Mrs. Middlemouse have a first name?

A: Yes. It is Marjoram. Mrs. Middlemouse was born in the pantry, and her name was Marjoram Pantrymouse until her marriage to Mr. Middlemouse.

Q: Where is Mr. Middlemouse?

A: Mr. Middlemouse was last seen entering the Dark Forest to search for mushrooms to put into a healing medicine. A field mouse found Mr. Middlemouse’s satchel, and next to it, the footprints of at least one ferret. Mrs. Middlemouse refuses to believe that ferrets ate Mr. Middlemouse. Her husband had keen ears and a sensitive nose. He would have fled long before he was in any real danger. What do you think might have happened to him?

Posie Pantrymouse

Q: Will Posie Pantrymouse be in another book?

A: Yes. Posie will be the heroine in an adventure that involves swamp rats, a leaky sardine can, and an epic sea battle. Her friends Benjamin and Bumper will be in the book, too.