Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue

Unlikely Friends Team Up for High Adventure

Tiny Benjamin Middlemouse lives with his mother in a cozy wooden wardrobe in a little boy’s bedroom in a large old house. Mrs. Middlemouse is late coming home one day. Where could she be? Benjamin asks his friend, a big, brave elephant named Bumper , to help find her. She isn’t in the bedroom. Or the hallway. Or the kitchen. Finally, in the garden, the two friends find a clue that sends them rushing to the top of a castle tower — where Sir Pouncelot, the cat, has dinner plans that Benjamin and Bumper must put a stop to, fast!

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“Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue” is a savory and satisfying adventure overflowing with endearing characters, plot twists and turns, and gentle humor. Nautilus Book Award The story celebrates values of friendship, compassion, and kindness, which is one reason why “Benjamin and Bumper” has been awarded the Nautilus Book Award Gold Medal for Best Picture of 2011.

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